Last week was GNU Radio's third annual conference, GRCon13. I've made some personal comments over on my blog page, but I wanted to say thank you again to everyone who came and made this a great conference. I'd like to thank John Malsbury for his significant efforts this year to make it a great conference and Johnathan Corgan for his input throughout the year. And once again, a huge thanks to our sponsors.

Almost all of the presentations are available. You can see the agenda page to quickly link to specific talks or head straight to the presentations page to download them. There are also links there to find the wiki pages for the GNU Radio Working Group discussions and work done at the Hackfest.

This year renewed my belief that we're working in the right direction, and I'm now even more excited for what we can do with GNU Radio this year. And of course, we'll catch up on all of this at next years GRCon14!