About the Website

This is the home of Tom Rondeau, the maintainer and lead developer for GNU Radio and visiting researcher with the University of Pennsylvania.

This page is principally designed to help get information out there about the GNU Radio project and the things that I am working on. It supplements the main GNU Radio webpage and provides my take on the project. We also use this to host our GNU Radio Conference (GRCon) information.

About the Author

Tom's main interest is in developing better communications capabilities. With a balance of academic work as a visiting researcher with the University of Pennsylvania and private consulting work through his firm Rondeau Research, Tom has found free and open source software to be about the best mix both worlds. In his role as maintainer and project lead of GNU Radio, he gets to both develop, explore, and educate new ways to process, observe, and think about signals and electromagnetic waves. When not developing in these areas, Tom enjoys reading and researching the history of science with an emphasis on the development of radio. Has a muppet version of himself that people generally like better, and he lives in Vermont with his many cats.

A word about comments

I generally keep comments off on my posts. There is simply too much spam that comes through, and I don't have the energy to keep up with it. I also find that many of the legitimate comments that I get are requests for help on GNU Radio. This is not the right forum in which to ask those questions as dissemination and cataloging for future reference are terrible here. Please use the Discuss GNU Radio Mailing List for any inquiries about the project.