New Documentation for New Features

Because we've been working on new features in GNU Radio that are not part of a standard GNU Radio application with blocks and a streaming model, I've felt it's increasingly important to explain and document these. So I just pushed some new updates that expand the Doxygen manual with new pages for these new features.

(Also, I'm trying to use the word 'new' here as much as possible, apparently.)

If you build the Doxygen manual, the main page now points to sub-pages for things like:

  • Polymorphic Types
  • Message Passing
  • Metadata Information
  • Instructions for using Volk in GNU Radio
  • Polyphase Filterbanks

Some of these pages have been in the manual for a while, some of them are new. And I plan on adding more of these over time. One reason to have them in this format in the Doxygen manual is because they're part of the source code so that everyone can have access to them, they are tracked in our version control system, and so we can nicely co-locate it all in one place. Also, I plan on adding new links on gnuradio.org that directly point to these pages in the manual that get's published on the website. Some of these pages are not in any release, so we'll wait until we release 3.6.3 (this weekend if all goes well) before we put it all together on gnuradio.org.

Important New Feature

If you haven't already seen our announcements about it, I want to point out the manual page that describes the use of our new message passing system. The API, design, and some examples can all be found in the Doxygen manual page "Message Passing." This is a really powerful new feature that we want to start using as much as possible.