Community Manager

We are so very pleased to announce that Martin Braun will be taking the position of Community Manager for the GNU Radio project. Martin was the obvious choice for this role since he has already been fulfilling a large portion of the role informally over the past few years.

The Community Manager role is a new one for our project, and so Martin will be establishing its full responsibilities over the next few months. The basics of what we imagine this position will entail includes:

  • Managing, editing, and developing gnuradio.org.
  • Growing the community of developers and other contributors
  • Organizing and spear heading our efforts with the Google Summer of Code.
  • Managing/moderating the mailing list.
  • Helping with the planning, promotion, and execution of the GRCon.

I would personally like to thank Martin for all of his help in the past and his continuing support in his new role.