GNU Radio Developers Conference Calls

I have been meaning to write about this for a while, so I'll just say a few words about it now.

We have been conducting monthly conference calls held on a SIP bridge and over IRC to keep logs and add another layer of contact (there's also the chatbot that helps us out, too, but I'll save that for later). These calls are designed to get the GNU Radio developers and those interested in the project process and progress together on a monthly basis at a set time to discuss the various happenings in GNU Radio. We mostly discuss the code, such as future features and improvements as well as problems and bugs that need to be addressed. I also take the time to think about other issues of GNU Radio in general, such as our web presence and upcoming conference.

I and the others that I have talked to about this have all said that these calls have been really useful to us. From my point of view, it helps me keep my thoughts in order, see where everyone is on various projects and aspects of GR, and to give me perspective on what to focus on. This sappy portion of the blog has been brought to you by my thanks for your participation.


Our next call will be held on April 15, 2011. Here are the details:


  • Review of the state of GR 3.4
    • Outstanding issues? Windows, OSX, E100?
    • Volk?
    • Testing/testers
    • Timeline (maybe)
  • GR Conference
    • I will update on recent developments
    • Getting down to the wire to make a few decisions