GRC2012 - Hackfest

GRCon12 Hackfest Results

For those of you not following or who weren't there, the final day of the GNU Radio Conference 2012 was an open Hackfest. We all got together with our computers, radios, and other hardware, and got to do some hacking. There were a number of interesting projects that were started, continued, and explored. I really hope everyone involved had a good time and learned a lot.

One important thing about a hackfest like this is to make sure the code we worked on doesn't get lost! I'll be using this page to try to disseminate information about the work and where more can be found, including any further projects and, probably more importantly, the code.

Hacking on GNU Radio to improve performance on ARM processors.


These guys helped me out looking over some digital comms hacking.


And here was the HackRF table hard at work.