GRC2012 - Hackfest


I'm also trying to keep track of bugs and small features people are interested in from the Hackfest. I'll try to keep this updated if any new ones come in:

- 'filter' module did not seem to be imported into GRC even after a filter block was dropped in. This was probably my error since I'm sure I've done it before. Will recheck.

- SNR skewness estimator makes sense in simulation, did not produce anything usable with OTA tests.

- QTGUI: allow setting of time sink's y-axis from GRC for easy defaults.

- QTGUI: look into an alpha scale (transparency) in plotted lines (would help with constellations).

- QTGUI: Create a trigger for the time sink.

- Configuration files: I noticed that when installing two versions of GNU Radio, I had /opt/gr3_6 and /opt/gr3_7, but the etc directory was located in /opt/etc.

- Instrument BERT tester with new SNR estimators.