Maker Faire 2017

Here are my examples and code for my Bay Area Maker Faire 2017. Presentation itself to come later.

Before running the Frequency Hopping Example, you'll need to download, unpack, build, and install the out of tree module for the "frequency hopper sequence generator" (last link above) to build the new block.

FOSDEM 2015 Talk

I gave the opening talk at the SDR dev room at FOSDEM again this year. There will be video posted on the FOSDEM website at some point, but I have also added my material here.

The talk ended with me showing the ability to capture the transmitted signal on a Nexus 7 running a GNU Radio Android app with an RTL-SDR dongle. The Android branch of GNU Radio and a HOWTO will be made available soon.

UCLA SDR Materials

These PDF files are my presentations for the UCLA SDR class. Each PDF has accompanying scripts for GNU Radio or a few simulations based in Python. Many of the Python scripts and GNU Radio examples will require Python plug-ins Numpy, Scipy, and Matplotlib, all of which are easy to find and install.

For some of the more advanced examples, I had to create my own blocks. These blocks include a very simple signal classification engine to distinguish between BPSK and QPSK and another very simple energy detector. These are, basically, too simple to properly distribute or put into a actual project. Instead, you can just download and install the OOT project here called gr-mymod. You'll need to build and install this as an OOT GNU Radio module.