Discussing the Development Cycle

There has been some talk recently about the GNU Radio project and it's development. I had made a request for people to help and contribute more, but one of our users, Martin Braun, made some excellent points. I wanted to record them here to make sure that I had them ready to be addressed. One thing that I hope to improve upon in the near future is our web page. We have a great resource in the Wiki that is underutilized, and questions like Martin's could be answered by crafting good pages to describe the development process and methods for contributing.

".... let me suggest some other things to smoothen the 'community integration':


  • There could be another document with the definitive guide on how to contribute. Perhaps updating the previous link would be enough. Questions answered should include:
    • What kind of stuff is accepted into the core, what kind of stuff is
    • better maintained as a separate CGRAN project? (Examples, refer to the mailing lists as a place to discuss this...)
    • The mechanics/protocol of actually submitting
    • What happens after submitting?
  • Revive the bug tracker.
  • Explain who's who in GNU Radio (seriously, who's actually actively developing GR besides Tom? Are there areas of responsibility? Who may submit to the master?)
  • Create a list of suggestions of contributions ("You want to contribute? How about you write a foo-agulator for standard bar? How about writing the docs for block `grep -R 'FIX MY DOCS' src/lib/`?")

Thanks, Martin!