DSP Tips and Tricks

I wanted to point out that Richard Lyons (some of you might have studied intro to communications with his book) is doing a series in the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine called "DSP Tips and Tricks." This is an area that I would hope that anyone in software radio would find interesting. It is much more about practical problems and solutions to our signal processing world than it is about research and theory (which I personally find interesting, but recognize others tend to have more practical interests than me).

The article from March's magazine is an interesting look at an old problem, but one that many people might not be familiar with (based on discussions I've had, mainly with students). He looks at a neat trick to reducing the scalloping loss error when attempting to determine a signal's power from an FFT plot.

Reference: Signal Processing Magazine, IEEE, Vol. 28, No. 2. (2011), pp. 112-116.