Welcome to GNU Radio

Welcome to the new GNU Radio homepage. We are hoping to make this the center of the GNU Radio user community by improving our communications among each other. We are not doing away with the Redmine webpage; instead, we are working to convert the user experience to a more discussion and update-oriented website. The Redmine website will continue to function as a place for much of the permanent pages of information, but it will mostly serve as the place for the developers to work and manage the code.

This new webpage is one of many changes we are working on with the project. Over the next year, we hope to implement a number of changes that make GNU Radio more robust and usable for many new projects. We are also working hard to make GNU Radio more accessible to both the user and developer community. 

While the GNU Radio mailing lists is still the best place to ask questions and get help, we want this site to be your spot for news, announcements, and developments in the project. When we do something new and cool, you'll find out more about it here.

This is also meant as a space for users to impart their experiences and knowledge. Check out the Examples section to see how we can use this website to discuss and showcase ways of making GNU Radio work and work better.

As a new service, this page will likely start off a bit slow and disorganized. Keep checking back for more updates and features. And, as always, if you want to help, please do! Participate and help improve the quality of the project!