GRCon2013 - Agenda

GRCon13 Agenda



  Day 1


9:00 AM Rondeau and Corgan: Year-in-Review of GNU Radio


10:30 AM Break


11:00 AM Malsbury and Braun: Growing the GNU Radio Community & GRCon14


11:30 AM Aneela Yasmeen (by S. Koslowski): Improving GNU Radio Companion


12:00 PM Manu T S: LDPC and more FEC


12:30 PM Lunch


1:30 PM Tracie Perez: Implementation of LDPC


2:00 PM Shashank Gaur: 802.11a/b/g Receiver


2:30 PM Jonathon Pendlum: FPGA Co-processing with Xilinx Zynq


3:00 PM Break


3:30 PM Chemeris: Fairwaves/Lime


4:00 PM Mathews: Loctronix


4:30 PM Ettus: USRP Products


7:30 PM Opening Reception




  Day 2


9:00 AM Munaut: GPU accelerated visualization of spectrum


9:30 AM

Arteaga: Spectrum Monitoring System and Benchmarking of Mobile Networks Using Open Source Radios - SIMONES. Integration with Industrial application

Vargas: Spectrum Monitoring System and Benchmarking of Mobile Networks Using Open Software Radios - SIMONES. Remote Management Tool.


10:15 AM Ivan Seskar: Review of the DARPA Spectrum Challenge


10:45 AM Break


11:00 AM Seeber: FasTrak RFID, MUSIC Direction Finding, RADAR Detection & Multi-channel Decodings


12:00 PM Ford: Physical DSP Integration into GNU Radio and gr-liquiddsp


12:30 PM Lunch


1:30 PM Carrillo: RF Channel occupation tool using GNU Radio


2:00 PM Schmitz: gr-zmqblocks: An approach to distributed GNU Radio applications


2:30 PM Fischer: Status quo and next steps for GNU Radio hardware acceleration


3:00 PM Vierinen: Geophysical remote sensing with software defined radio


3:30 PM Break


4:00 PM Braun: Say, OFDM - You're looking fantastic these days


4:45 PM Malsbury: PHY/MAC Implementation with the USRP


7:45 PM GSoC Dinner (Rondeau and Ettus)




  Day 3


9:00 AM Rondeau: Performance Counters, Logging, Thread Core Affinity and Priority


9:30 AM Rondeau: ControlPort


10:00 AM O'Shea: PyBOMBS


10:30 AM Break


11:00 AM Working Group and Feedback Session


  "Discuss the Future of GNU Radio"


12:30 PM Lunch


1:30 PM O'Shea: Channel Simulations


2:00 PM Newman: gr-grid


2:15 PM McCarthy: FEC-API


2:30 PM Ettus: RFNoC


3:00 PM Break


3:30 PM Panel Session: Community Discussion with the Developers


  Matt Ettus (moderator), Tom Rondeau, Johnathan Corgan, Martin Braun


5:00 PM Rondeau: Closing Remarks




  Day 4


9:00 AM Day-long Hackfest


4:00 PM Final Presentations