GRCon15 - Hackfest

Information about the GRCon15 Hackfest.

GRCon15 Hackfest

GNU Radio Hackfests are informal ways to develop and learn more about GNU Radio. The developers use these days/weeks to get core contributions to the code base done as well as plan future development and project goals.

At GRCon, we hold a single day all-day Hackfest to get input from more people about more ideas. At a Hackfest, you are welcome to chose your own project, work with others as you need or want, or watch and ask questions to get to know the project better.

GNU Radio has a number of goals in mind and projects that almost everyone can find some way to help out with. Below is a list of topic ideas we have for this Hackfest at GRCon15. Within each topic are generally a number of small projects that someone can break off and work on. We have identified an organizer for the topics to help make sure people are either working together on a topic properly and not duplicating efforts. At the Hackfest or throughout the week of GRCon15, please talk to the organizer of the topic you are interested in.





Identify some of the biggest missing pieces to the documentation and start filling things in.

Start looking at making simple examples for each block. Improve the Python-based docs

Tom Rondeau

Streams, TSBs, & Msg Blocks

Joint base class prototyping. Maybe go at this from the lambda block approach?

Tim O’Shea


Lots of features and fixes. See our long list of features

Seth Hitefield


modtool: Needs to be fixed and hardened. (VOLK issue 30)

VOLKize other parts of GNU Radio:

  1. DC Blocker
  2. Moving average
  3. Other heavy blocks?

Nathan West

Corr & Sync

Document the many correlator blocks. Make a page describing how they all work, what they are used for. Examples


QA Code

Make sure all blocks have at least ONE test. Add more tests as we can think of them.

Need testing for other aspects of the project: tag streams, messages, ControlPort, GRC

Johnathan Corgan

Coverity Issues

Tackle and eliminate as many as possible

Doug Geiger


Change any cout/cerr/printf statements to use the GR logger. This will mean making a logger object for each class since most of the offenders are in the scheduler. See the Manual page on logging for info

Tom Rondeau


A small how-to-get-started workshop. Startup details Here.

Eric Statzer

We have the cute domain name, now let’s use it for something. Already suggested: provide a link shortener to papers and presentations.

Chris Kuethe


Close lots and lots of items from the pybombs2 issue tracker. Make it stable on different distros. Update recipes. Prep for switching to PB2.

Martin Braun

Thrift & controlport

There is still some confusion about how to use it; let's provide some more examples.

There are reports that Thrift 0.9.2 needs to be patched to fix an issue; analyze and determine next steps (host patched fork, figure out what version works and update pybombs recipe, .... )

Add support for Unix domain sockets to allow more predictable endpoint names.

See the ControlPort Wiki page and the Manual Page. Update these as needed.

Chris Kuethe