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The GNU Radio Conference is a growing event that delivers valuable content on the subject of software-defined radio (SDR); 2015 is its 5th iteration. GNU Radio Conference 2015 (GRCon15) will be held August 24-28, 2015 in the Washington, DC (USA) area and is expected to draw 200-250 attendees (~50% growth vs 2014) with a wide range of backgrounds. Whether you would like to showcase your latest work with GNU Radio, learn the basics of SDR, help contribute to the growth of this successful and expanding community, or just keep up on the latest in the world of SDR, this is the right conference for you.


We are pleased to present the agenda for GRCon15.

Keynote: Joe Mitola

Hackproof Cognitive Radios

Software radio is a two edged sword. On the one hand software brings product flexibility and reduces time to market.  On the other hand, software is full of what the US National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) calls Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).  In this talk, Dr. Mitola will "do the math" on how to keep APTs out of software-defined radios by in a sense hard wiring them in some ways but remaining flexible in others, a technique that he calls soft-wiring.  The path to hackproof radios is not as difficult as one might think and multiple entities around the world are beginning to productize this advanced malware - resistant architecture.  The GNU Radio Companion provides an ideal starting point for hackproof cognitive radio research and product development.

Dr Joe Mitola is globally recognized as 'Godfather' of software defined and cognitive radios' having coined both terms, written seminal peer reviewed IEEE papers, and published the first graduate text books on both topics in English and Chinese. He is a widely sought after consultant, subject matter expert, and expert witness currently a Member, US Defense Science Board task force on MILSATCOM and Tactical Networking, supporting DARPA, Army and the Office of Naval Research on collaboration with the Naval Postgraduate School and Naval Research Laboratory.  Previously Dr Mitola held positions of technology leadership with DoD, ITT, E-Systems, Harris, ADS, MITRE and Stevens Institute of Technology. BS EE Northeastern U, MSE Johns Hopkins U, Licentiate and Doctorate KTH, Fellow of the IEEE'. His current research centers on hackproof technologies.



This conference is focused on practical deployment of SDR, with a heavy focus on professional interaction and exchange.  Here’s a rough overview of what we are planning:

  • New Developers Day - A full day dedicated to new users. Learn how GNU Radio has helped countless developers accelerate their projects, gain experience from hands-on tutorials, and take away knowledge you can share with your colleagues, teammates, and friends.
  • Main Conference Track - Packed with valuable content and insight gained from GNU Radio users: research projects, open source projects, tutorials, and more.  To get a feel for the types of presentations you might see at this conference, see the GNU Radio Conference 2014 Agenda
  • Always-Open Wireless Hacker Space - A space dedicated to on-going progress and coding for GNU Radio.  Hack on your latest SDR applications between sessions.  Mingle with fellow developers and share ideas.  Maximize productivity.
  • Daily Working Groups - Join one of our working groups and make critical contributions to the future of GNU Radio and wireless technology.  Whether you're an expert in DSP, GPU programming, C++, or even web design -- or just interested in the future of GNU Radio -- this is a great chance to make a difference in our community.
  • Vendor Booth and Demo Area - With an economy growing around the GNU Radio ecosystem, we will provide more space for vendors to show their latest products and services while also allow developers to demo their projects.
  • Lounge and Hackerspace - Places to unwind a bit while you socialize with people who share your interest, passion, and expertise in wireless communications. These areas are a great place to network, make connections and new friends, and renew old friendships. They are also great places to get some programming done. This year we have two spaces, one more like a lounge and the other just tables and chairs. Both will have access to power outlets.
  • A Full-Day Hackfest - One full day to dedicate to development in GNU Radio.
  • Social Events and Tourism - As usual, we will throw a party the first and second nights of the conference.  With close proximity to public transportation and a number of landmarks (White House, National Mall), this is sure to be a fun and memorable trip. This year, the Monday reception will be at Birch and Barley1337 14th St NW, Washington, DC, 20005, 202-567-2576, and involves appetizers and drinks from 7 PM onward. The Tuesday reception will be at the Mayflower Hotel, 1127 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036, 202-347-3000, from 6 to 10 PM; this reception involves a full dinner and drinks.





Some Reviews from Previous Conferences

A great event; inspired a lot of new ideas that can be easily prototyped in GNU Radio.
As someone who is very new to GNU Radio, I think the conference did a great job of showcasing the GNU Radio community— I’m hooked now, and I’m ready to contribute where I can. Thank you for being so open and receptive, and a big thanks to all that helped plan and coordinate the conference.
A waiting list is not acceptable. Make it bigger!
The talks were of all very high quality. Even the Intro Day stuff was highly relevant, topical and informative.
Overall I thought the conference was great. I was a novice going in, but the conference, especially the hackfest, was very useful in getting me pointed in the right direction.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

The GNU Radio Conference is dedicated to a discrimination-free Conference experience for everyone associated with our Conference. Our full anti-discrimination policy can be found at: